Call for Reading System Accessibility Testing Moderators

Last modified: January 21, 2016
Editor: George Kerscher

Qualified, enthusiastic testers are needed to make sure all reading systems used for presentation of digital publishing of books, journals, magazines, coursework, and all other types of digital publications are fully accessible to persons with disabilities.

Visit: to review the work being done by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), and the DAISY Consortium. The page titled “accessibility” is the focus of this call for moderators.

A moderator will be identified for each reading system on a specific platform (OS) and that moderator will help other volunteer evaluators to test and report findings using the Assistive Technology (AT) at their disposal.

Individuals should be independent, have accessibility experience including familiarity and knowledge of assistive technology and should understand the DAISY Reading System standards. This will be a demanding volunteer job that requires doing 1-2 tests first and then supervising the completion of several tests per week. Initial responsibilities include recruiting evaluators, coordinating credentials and evaluating the evaluators, monitoring progress and being willing to verify results.

Example: Reading system HappyReader (fictional name) running on Windows 7 will have a moderator that manages volunteers to test Happy Reader with the wide range of AT used on Windows 7. The screen reader JFW using TTS as output would be one evaluation performed; another volunteer evaluator would test HappyReader with NVDA using braille output; another tester would use screen magnification ZoomText and report the results, etc. Because of the wide range of AT used by persons with disabilities, a crowd source approach is going to be used. We encourage organizations to sponsor the testing by having people assigned to specific reading systems and technology, e.g. a university using specific AT and specific reading systems should assign people to work on the testing and share their findings with the world.

Qualifications of moderators:

Duties of Moderators