iBooks for iPad v 4.6 (iOS 9.2.1) / Voiceover

Testsuite: Accessibility

  • Name
    iBooks for iPad
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  • Operating System
  • Operating System Version
  • Assistive technology
  • Assistive technology features
    Touch/Gestures, Screenreader/Self-voicing
  • Last Updated
    May 20, 2016, 6:12 a.m.
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Support Results


Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score 81.5%

File Management

Operating system accessibility Supported
Reading system activation Supported
Open content Supported
Listing documents Supported


Initiate read from here Supported
Suspend and resume reading Supported
Reading Order Supported
Reading image alt text Supported
Reading Speed Supported
Reading Volume Supported
TTS allows pauses Supported
Supported The Voiceover reads from the top of target page. If the chosen heading in TOC is in the middle or bottom of page, VO does not read precisely from the correct point. Heading navigation from Rotor can be used to find the heading on the page.
Not Supported Print page navigation feature not available.
Not Supported No option to navigate between cells.
Not Supported Current section name not available. Also reading cannot be resumed after attempting to read location information.
Not Supported Next block item navigation takes Voiceover focus out of book text.
Not Supported Lines navigation not available in VO Rotor. Sliding one finger down the screen does read the lines but visually impaired cannot do precise line navigation this way.
Supported Heading navigation is limited to current page. One needs to move to next page to navigate further.


Add a bookmark Supported Bookmark feature is supported.
Review and navigate to bookmarks Supported
Add a note Supported Selection of the line to put notes is difficult. Expanding selection for highlight is not supported. One can double tap on a line to add a note.
Review and navigate to Notes Supported The notes list in TOC tab is accessible. once on the page which has notes, the rotor navigation can be used to move to notes.

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Visual Adjustment Tests

Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score 100%

Visual Adjustment

Change font size Supported
Background Color Supported
Changing brightness Supported
Select pre-defined style theme Supported
UI Magnification Supported

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Media Overlays

Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score 0%

Basic Tests

Media Overlays Playback Not Supported iBooks not able to play media overlay in the test book. Hence all tests are marked as not supported.
Pause and resume from the same position, without closing the book Not Supported
Resume playback from last position on opening a book Not Supported

Navigation Tests

Section Navigation - Previous/Next Phrase Not Supported
Navigate to previous section Not Supported
Navigate to next section Not Supported
Navigate with pagelist Not Supported
Move to next page Not Supported
Move to previous page Not Supported
Text and media overlay synchronization Not Supported
Set and navigate to bookmarks Not Supported
Section Navigation - TOC Not Supported
Continuous playback across page turns Not Supported

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