Gitden Reader v 4.5.1 (iOS 9.3) / Voiceover

Testsuite: Accessibility

  • Name
    Gitden Reader
  • Version
  • Operating System
  • Operating System Version
  • Assistive technology
  • Assistive technology features
    Touch/Gestures, Screenreader/Self-voicing
  • Last Updated
    May 20, 2016, 7:35 a.m.
  • Notes
    This app has scrolling and single page view modes.

Support Results


Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score 81.5%

File Management

Operating system accessibility Supported
Reading system activation Supported
Open content Supported The test file was opened using the "open with" feature of iOS.
Listing documents Supported The controls in the app are not properly labelled. Only the grid view is accesible with Voiceover. In the thumbnails view, the titles in bookshelf cannot be read by VO.


Initiate read from here Supported In the scrolling view, reading position can be selected with VO and reading can be started.
Suspend and resume reading Supported With two finger single tap, reading can be stopped and resumed from same location.
Reading Order Supported
Reading image alt text Supported supported in scrolling view with Voiceover. The in-built TTS reading skips the image.
Reading Speed Supported VO speed can be contorlledcontrolled. in-built TTS reading speed cannot be altered.
Reading Volume Supported
TTS allows pauses Supported
Not Supported When voiceover is running, TOC navigation does not lead to required location.
Not Supported feature not available.
Not Supported When VO is running, next/previous page gestures do not work.
Supported VO table navigation commands work.
Not Supported Current section name cannot be checked without losing the reading position.
Supported Well supported in scrolling view


Add a bookmark Supported Text cannot be selected for adding highlight. Bookmarks can be added.
Review and navigate to bookmarks Supported
Add a note Not Supported With Voiceover, text cannot be selected precisely for adding the note. Moreover, in scrolling view mode, the add note menu cannot be activated.
Review and navigate to Notes Supported Notes panel in TOC view is accessible with VO.

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Visual Adjustment Tests

Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score 100%

Visual Adjustment

Change font size Supported
Background Color Supported
Changing brightness Supported
Select pre-defined style theme Supported
UI Magnification Supported

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Media Overlays

Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score 0%

Basic Tests

Media Overlays Playback Not Supported MO not supported.
Pause and resume from the same position, without closing the book Not Supported
Resume playback from last position on opening a book Not Supported

Navigation Tests

Section Navigation - Previous/Next Phrase Not Supported
Navigate to previous section Not Supported
Navigate to next section Not Supported
Navigate with pagelist Not Supported
Move to next page Not Supported
Move to previous page Not Supported
Text and media overlay synchronization Not Supported
Set and navigate to bookmarks Not Supported
Section Navigation - TOC Not Supported
Continuous playback across page turns Not Supported

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