LuciMoo Moodle EPUB Import Plugin v 0.16 (Moodle 3.1) / Jaws 17

Testsuite: Accessibility

  • Name
    LuciMoo Moodle EPUB Import Plugin
  • Version
  • Operating System
  • Operating System Version
  • Assistive technology
    Jaws 17
  • Assistive technology features
    Keyboard, Screenreader/Self-voicing
  • Last Updated
    April 2, 2016, 4:47 a.m.
  • Notes
    Tested in IE 11 on Windows 8.1

Support Results


Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score 81.5%

File Management

Operating system accessibility Supported Ease of locating book resource may vary depending on the course configuration created by the instructor
Reading system activation Supported Moodle may be used with secure sign-on created by organizations. Alternative SSOs may present accessibility issues
Open content Supported Imported EPUB is opened as any other activity or resource
Listing documents Supported Books are displayed with other activities and resources in Moodle


Initiate read from here Supported Tested by performing a "say all" with JAWS (Insert+Down Arrow)
Suspend and resume reading Supported Reading resumes from the same line where it had stopped. It does not resume from the exact word.
Reading Order Supported Paragraph 1 was read first by JAWS
Reading image alt text Supported Alt text was read correctly
Reading Speed Supported JAWS on the fly speech rate adjustment (Insert+Down Arrow, PageUp/PageDown) works as expected
Reading Volume Supported OS Volume adjustment works as expected
TTS allows pauses Supported Headings, lists, and paragraphs are reading as expected. These items are read no differently than on regular web sites.
Supported Supports navigation to previous/next page and go to page. Go to page only displays options for 1-10
Not Supported Reflowed pages are not used. All content within the hard coded page breaks is shown in the window as a long scrolling page. Example: navigating to page 1 using go to page, you can see all of the content of page 1 by scrolling
Supported JAWS HTML table navigation commands function as expected
Supported Hyperlinks are adjusting screen reader focus as expected
Not Supported Moodle Books do not provide a "where am I" or similar feature. Current page and current section can be determined via the heading structure.
Supported JAWS navigation quick-keys, such as P for paragraph, G for graphic, T for table; work as expected
Not Supported Moodle Books do not provide a search feature. The browser or Jaws Find feature is limited to the current chapter only.
Supported Read by character works as expected
Supported Read by word works as expected
Supported Read by line works as expected
Supported Heading navigation is supported


Add a bookmark Supported Supports bookmarking via the browser's favorites or bookmarks feature.
Review and navigate to bookmarks Supported Supported in browsers where the favorites/bookmarks are accessible
Add a note Not Supported Moodle Books do not provide a notes feature
Review and navigate to Notes Not Supported Moodle Books do not provide a notes feature

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Visual Adjustment Tests

Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score 100%

Visual Adjustment

Change font size Supported Font size can be adjusted using the text size feature in the web browser
Background Color Supported
Changing brightness Supported Moodle does not provide options to change brightness, but this can be done in the operating system or from the monitor (if using a desktop)
Select pre-defined style theme Supported Moodle applies Windows high contrast schemes
UI Magnification Supported Supported using Windows Magnifier or other assistive technology

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Media Overlays

Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score 0%

Basic Tests

Media Overlays Playback Not Supported No announcement that playback is available and no buttons/links to start playback found
Pause and resume from the same position, without closing the book Not Supported
Resume playback from last position on opening a book Not Supported

Navigation Tests

Section Navigation - Previous/Next Phrase Not Supported
Navigate to previous section Not Supported
Navigate to next section Not Supported
Navigate with pagelist Not Supported
Move to next page Not Supported
Move to previous page Not Supported
Text and media overlay synchronization Not Supported
Set and navigate to bookmarks Not Supported
Section Navigation - TOC Not Supported
Continuous playback across page turns Not Supported

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