Play Books v 3.12.15 (Android 7.0) / Talkback version 5.2

Testsuite: Accessibility

  • Name
    Play Books
  • Version
  • Operating System
  • Operating System Version
  • Assistive technology
    Talkback version 5.2
  • Assistive technology features
    Touch/Gestures, Screenreader/Self-voicing
  • Last Updated
    April 28, 2017, 6:50 a.m.
  • Notes
    Tested on Moto G 4+

Support Results


Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score 85.2%

File Management

Operating system accessibility Supported
Reading system activation Supported
Open content Supported Opened the test file using the "open with" feature using File Manager
Listing documents Supported The titles in the Bookshelf/Library can be navigated and read with Talkback.


Initiate read from here Not Supported Since Talkback cannot read continuously across pages, reading needs to be done with the in-built Read Aloud feature which when activated starts reading from top of page. It is not possible to select any other position to start Read Aloud when Talkback is active.
Suspend and resume reading Supported Read Aloud can be paused by going into the Skim View. When the user returns to the Reading view, Read Aloud resumes at the last location. Note that at times the reading is resumed from the beginning of the current paragraph.
Reading Order Supported
Reading image alt text Supported Read Aloud feature and Talkback does read the alt text of the image.
Reading Speed Supported Reading speed can be changed from Settings > Text to Speech.
Reading Volume Supported The volume control in the device can be used.
TTS allows pauses Supported The text in a table is not read properly. Other types of text e.g. headings, sentences are read with appropriate pauses.
Not Supported The app does not support hard page (print page) breaks.
Supported Page navigation is available by two finger horizontal swipe, tap on left and right edges and also using the scroll bar and page navigation buttons.
Supported The table contents can be read and navigated with Talkback. Note that the Read Aloud feature does not provide any navigation in the table.
Supported The hyperlinks on the current page can be navigated to using the Links navigation mode of Talkback. Note that Talkback does not allow the user to navigate to links on pages other than the current page.
Supported In the Skim Reading mode sufficient information is provided on current reading position.
Supported Navigation to items on the current page is supported with Talkback.
Supported Character navigation is available only when reading the text with Talkback. Fine navigation within the text is not supported by Read Aloud feature.
Supported When reading the book with Read Aloud feature, the user will have to stop Read Aloud, and then use Word navigation feature of Talkback. Talkback reading may not start from the position where Read Aloud was stopped.
Supported Supported within the current page by Talkback.
Not Supported The heading navigation with Talkback is limited to the current page. Heading navigation is useful to the user only when it allows browsing at least the current chapter if not the complete book.naviation


Add a bookmark Supported
Review and navigate to bookmarks Supported Bookmarks list can be navigated from the TOC view.
Add a note Not Supported Text cannot be precisely highlighted for adding a note.
Review and navigate to Notes Supported Notes list can be accessed from the TOC view.

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Visual Adjustment Tests

Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score 100%

Visual Adjustment

Change font size Supported Controls are available within the app.
Background Color Supported Colour combinations are available in the app.
Changing brightness Supported
Select pre-defined style theme Supported
UI Magnification Supported Supports the Android Magnifier.

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Media Overlays

Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score Not Tested

Basic Tests

Media Overlays Playback Not Tested
Pause and resume from the same position, without closing the book Not Tested
Resume playback from last position on opening a book Not Tested

Navigation Tests

Section Navigation - Previous/Next Phrase Not Tested
Navigate to previous section Not Tested
Navigate to next section Not Tested
Navigate with pagelist Not Tested
Move to next page Not Tested
Move to previous page Not Tested
Text and media overlay synchronization Not Tested
Set and navigate to bookmarks Not Tested
Section Navigation - TOC Not Tested
Continuous playback across page turns Not Tested

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