EasyReader v 7.0.6 (Windows Windows 10) / NVDA 2017.2

Testsuite: Accessibility

  • Name
  • Version
  • Operating System
  • Operating System Version
    Windows 10
  • Assistive technology
    NVDA 2017.2
  • Assistive technology features
    Keyboard, Screenreader/Self-voicing
  • Last Updated
    July 8, 2017, 4:11 a.m.
  • Notes
    Print page & Hyperlink not supported

Support Results


Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score 92.6%

File Management

Operating system accessibility Supported
Reading system activation Supported
Open content Supported Test book was opened using the "Import from Computer" feature.
Listing documents Supported


Initiate read from here Supported The text can be read with the screen reader as well as in-built TTS. For continuous reading, The reading position can be chosen by navigating the TOC or the book text with NVDA. It is necessary to select the reading position by pressing Spacebar before activating the paly button.
Suspend and resume reading Supported The TTS reading resumes reading at correct location.
Reading Order Supported The reading order is respected by in-built TTS and NVDA.
Reading image alt text Supported Image alt text by in-built TTS and NVDA.
Reading Speed Supported
Reading Volume Supported The device volume control needs to be used. The application does not have volume control feature.
TTS allows pauses Supported There are pauses in TTS reading after sentences and punctuations but pauses does not differ between regular text and headings.
Not Supported The hard coded print pages are not recognized. Navigation from the print page list available at the bottom of the TOC document is also not supported.
Supported The table cells can be navigated using the forward and rewind commands when reading with TTS. NVDA is able to recognize the table and all table navigation commands are working.
Not Supported Hyperlinks are not recognized within the book text and therefore are not navigable or clickable.
Supported There is no dedicated "where am I?" feature. However, it is possible to pause playback and navigate to read current section/sub-section name and percentage read and then resume reading.
Supported All NVDA text navigation commands are supported. With TTS reading the forward and rewind commands can be used for navigation.
Supported The search feature can be used, search results and destination text can be read with a combination of NVDA commands and TTS.
Supported NVDA text reading commands are supported.
Supported NVDA text reading commands are supported.
Supported NVDA text reading commands are supported.
Supported NVDA heading navigation is supported within the current HTML file.


Add a bookmark Supported The keystrokes to add bookmark and notes conflict with NVDA commands. Therefore, the "pass through (NVDA + F2)" keystroke needs to be used for marking bookmarks. The Context menu can also be used.
Review and navigate to bookmarks Supported The Bookmarks TAB in TOC view is accessible with NVDA.
Add a note Supported
Review and navigate to Notes Supported

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Visual Adjustment Tests

Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score 100%

Visual Adjustment

Change font size Supported Feature available within the app.
Background Color Supported Feature available within the app.
Changing brightness Supported The device brightness control needs to be used.
Select pre-defined style theme Supported The app has several combinations of foreground and background colour including high contrast. Also supports high contrast when applied from Windows.
UI Magnification Supported Supports Windows Magnifier. Also has features for changing font size, line spacing etc.

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Media Overlays

Feature Test Result Notes
Cumulative Score Not Tested

Basic Tests

Media Overlays Playback Not Tested
Pause and resume from the same position, without closing the book Not Tested
Resume playback from last position on opening a book Not Tested

Navigation Tests

Section Navigation - Previous/Next Phrase Not Tested
Navigate to previous section Not Tested
Navigate to next section Not Tested
Navigate with pagelist Not Tested
Move to next page Not Tested
Move to previous page Not Tested
Text and media overlay synchronization Not Tested
Set and navigate to bookmarks Not Tested
Section Navigation - TOC Not Tested
Continuous playback across page turns Not Tested

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