Reading System Evaluations (Archives)

Information About Test Categories

Essential and Advanced results are presented in this table. The Essential category has several subcategories presented. Reading systems should aim to achieve a full score in these essential tests.

The Advanced subcategories are quite unique and Reading Systems are not expected to achieve a full score in each and every subcategory. The objectives of the advanced subcategories are:

  • They show us which features are supported in the Reading Systems. Based on these results, we may provide recommendations to application developers.
  • We learn which Assistive Technologies support various features being tested. We may provide guidance to AT developers based on these results.
  • We can make “best practice” recommendations to authors and publishers based on these results. We will evaluate the results so that we can attain the best reading experience and avoid recommending the lowest common supported implementations.
  • Advanced subcategories will prepare Reading Systems for future accessibility advancements. As we make progress and raise the bar for accessibility, advanced tests will become fundamental tests.

The following reading system evaluations have been archived but are still available to view. For the latest, please visit the home page.

Table view: Basic | Fixed Header | Scrolled (The basic view is best for screen readers.)

Reading System Essential Advanced
Name AT Basic Functionality Non-Visual Reading Visual Adjustment Tests Read Aloud Media Overlays Math Extended Descriptions
VitalSource Bookshelf v 4.5.5 (Android 9) None Not Tested Not Tested 75% 87.5% Not Tested Not Tested Not Tested