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EBSCO Reader 

  • Reading System EBSCO Reader 
  • OS: Windows 
  • Browser: Edge 
  • Tested with Braille: No
  • Tested with Screenreader: No
  • Input type: Keyboard

Results for Visual Adjustments: 87.5%

Test book used: Fundamental Accessibility Tests: Visual Adjustments, version 1.0.0


The ability to personalize the font is not provided. Otherwise, used in combination with a color adjustment browser extension such as Midnight Lizard, visual adjustments are well supported.

Test results for Visual Adjustments
Test ID Name Description Result Notes
visual-010 Change font size Use the controls available in the application or else in the operating system to change (increase/decrease) the size of the font. The font size change should apply uniformly on all the book content including the Table of Contents, Footnotes, Page List, Notes and Bookmarks. Pass The text size of the EPUB content can be changed using small round + and – buttons in the bottom right of the window (labeled as Zoom in and Zoom out). The browser’s zoom feature can also be used, which enlarges other parts of the site such as the menus and table of contents. The EPUB title contents reflow as expected, the browser window can be resized and the text reflows as expected. There is also the option for a full screen view.
visual-110 Change background and foreground color Change background and foreground colour (May be through reading system feature or through OS settings). Pass This feature is not provided in the online reader, but colors can be changed using a browser extension such as Midnight Lizard (free). The offers the ability to select from predefined themes and also to customize from the palette. Background and text colors changed as expected. Furthermore, the background color feature of the Read&Write extension was tested, and this worked as expected. The Reading light features that follows the mouse cursor did not work correctly.
visual-210 Change brightness Use the controls available in the application or else in the operating system to change (increase/decrease) the screen brightness. Pass Can be achieved through the OS settings or display controls.
visual-310 Apply high contrast system configuration The reading system interface and book content except images should respect the high contrast mode (invert colors) if present in the Operating System. Pass Worked as expected.
visual-410 Magnify the User Interface(UI) Use the controls available in the application or else in the operating system to magnify the Reading System screen. All aspects of the User Interface such as Menus, Pop-up Windows, Dialog Boxes and Search Box should get magnified uniformly. Pass Achieved via the browser zoom or OS magnifier feature. No conflicts identified.
visual-510 Change Font Choose from a selection of fonts, including sans-serif and serif options. Fail The feature to choose different fonts is not provided.
visual-610 Support for SVG Check if a image is displayed below this paragraph. This image is in SVG format. Pass The gray circle appears as expected
visual-710 Enlarge SVG image Check if the image given in the previous test can be enlarged. Pass The is achieved with the browser Zoom or OS magnifier feature.

Results for Read Aloud: 100%

Test book used: Fundamental Accessibility Tests: Read Aloud, version 1.0.0


The EBSCO online EPUB reader works well with the integrated Read aloud feature in Edge, including scrolling the text being read so that it remains in view.

Test results for Read Aloud
Test ID Name Description Result Notes
ReadAloud-010 The content can be read aloud Focus on the beginning of a paragraph or a sentence and initiate reading with text-to-speech using a feature of the reading system. Pass Achieved with the integrated Read aloud feature in Edge (shortcut: ctrl shift u).
ReadAloud-110 Stop and resume reading Initiate reading from any point in the book. Stop Read Aloud and note the last read position. Initiate reading again using the Read Aloud feature and check if reading starts at the last read location. Pass Worked as expected.
ReadAloud-210 The Read Aloud feature should continue until interrupted by the user The Read Aloud feature should continue until interrupted by the user, keeping the text being spoken in view. Pass The read aloud continued to read past the end of the screen. The text being spoken remained in view, the page scrolling automatically.
ReadAloud-310 All text should be read in the proper order Sample text has been provided below to test the reading order. The Paragraph 2 should be read after Paragraph 1 by the Read Aloud feature. Note that visually Paragraph 2 is placed to the left of Paragraph 1 but it is second in the reading order. Pass Worked as expected.
ReadAloud-410 Change Read Aloud reading speed It should be possible to adjust (increase/decrease) the speed of reading. Pass This is achieved using the browser read aloud settings.
ReadAloud-510 Text to Speech handles punctuations and document structure appropriately When Read Aloud is activated, there should be slight pauses after headings, list items etc., rather than reading as if it is one continuous section of text. Pass Worked as expected.
ReadAloud-610 Text is emphasised as it is spoken by read aloud Check if the Text is emphasised as it is spoken by read aloud. Pass The current line is highlighted, and each individual words is visually emphasized as it is spoken (dual highlighting).
ReadAloud-710 The emphasis or highlight colour can be changed Activate Read Aloud feature as described in the previous test. Change the colour of emphasis or visual highlight of the text being read aloud using any feature available in the reading system or the operating system. The users should have a choice of different colours for text highlighting. Pass Whilst they cannot be set explicitly, the colors of the dual highlighting automatically adjust according to the selected background and text colors.