Single test results: Media Overlays Playback (MOA-BASIC-010)

The following represents how well each Testing Environment (Reading System or Reading System + Assistive Technology combination) performed on a single test, MOA-BASIC-010, which appears in the Media Overlays test book.

This test currently has a 50.00% pass rate.

Reading system testing results
Testing Environment Media Overlays Playback ( MOA-BASIC-010) Notes
BoinIT Viewer [Korean] NVDA Chrome Windows PASS This works as expected
BoinIT Viewer [Korean] Sens Reader Chrome Windows PASS This works as expected
EasyReader Windows FAIL
EasyReader (German) Voiceover iOS PASS You don’t get the notification that the media overlay playback is available. The text is read aloud by a female voice although the read aloud voice of the built-in feature is a male one. So I can assume that the playback works. This test passes.
Thorium Reader (German) Jaws Windows FAIL When opening the EPUB there is no hint provided that the book contains media overlays. The book is presented like books without playback options. Within Thorium it is not perceptible that media overlays are embedded. There are no controls to start the playback. Only via the TTS-feature the text is being read aloud. It is not distinguishable whether the text is being read aloud by the TTS-feature or by the media overlay playback because the voices used are the same. The only evidence that the playback is active can be determined in the control options of the read aloud-feature which are placed at the top of the reading screen. When the playback reads the text aloud the control for changing the voice is missing and it is only possible to change the reading speed. It seems that for interacting with the media overlays the control bar of the read aloud feature is used. Thus, all further test results of this e-book are solely based on the assumption that the media overlays are activated by the read aloud feature.
Voice Dream Reader (German) Voiceover iOS FAIL