Single test results: Set and navigate to bookmarks (MOA-NAV-080)

The following represents how well each Testing Environment (Reading System or Reading System + Assistive Technology combination) performed on a single test, MOA-NAV-080, which appears in the Media Overlays test book.

This test currently has a 33.33% pass rate.

Reading system testing results
Testing Environment Set and navigate to bookmarks ( MOA-NAV-080) Notes
BoinIT Viewer [Korean] NVDA Chrome Windows NA Bookmarks are not supported.
BoinIT Viewer [Korean] Sens Reader Chrome Windows NA
EasyReader Windows FAIL
EasyReader (German) Voiceover iOS PASS I set a bookmark and via the bookmark feature I could then navigate to the highlighted section. The playback started at the correct location.
Thorium Reader (German) Jaws Windows PASS Bookmarks can be set and navigated to. Only the position of the bookmark is hard to detect because a percentage value is given not a page number. When multiple bookmarks are embedded you have to review all in order to find the right one.
Voice Dream Reader (German) Voiceover iOS FAIL