Do not use this page for testing. The test is shown below only for reference; additionally, EPUB resources such as styling and images may be absent.

extdescription-020 Technique for linking to a single extended description placed in a separate HTML file via text hyperlinks

Check if activating the hyperlink placed under the image takes you to a separate HTML file with extended descriptions, and the back link there brings you back to the image.

This test passes if all the following steps are successful:

  • The link "Follow for extended description" is reported, and on activating, it takes the focus to the HTML file with the extended description. The precision of landing position on the HTML page does not matter because there is only one extended description on this file.
  • You can read the extended description
  • On activating the link "Navigate back to Bar Chart image" below the extended description, it takes the focus back to original position in this chapter.

This test is in the Extended Descriptions book.

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