Do not use this page for testing. The test is shown below only for reference; additionally, EPUB resources such as styling and images may be absent.

math-image-040 Navigating Inline Math images followed by commented out MathML

This test shows an inline math expression as an image with only alt-text describing the math equation. This is not ideal but if a publisher can not use raw mathML directly this is an option for reprocessing in the future.

The test passes if the following steps succeed.

  • You can see the visual Math image and hear its alt-text description.
  • You do not see any of the commented out mathml.

The test fails if you don't see the image of the math with its alt-text description, or if you see the commented out mathML.

040 Inline Math Image

Inline Math Equation will appear between the following two lines.

Some Text before the math equation Image Alt: y minus y sub 1 equals StartFraction y sub 2 minus y sub 1 Over x sub 2 minus x sub 1 EndFraction left-parenthesis x minus x sub 1 right-parenthesis Some text after the equation.

This test is in the Mathematics book.

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