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mathml-020 Navigating inline MathML with assistive technology and other technologies

The test checks if inline MathML works with assistive technology and related technologies.

The test passes if the following steps succeed.

  • The assistive technology or other reading technologies report presence of the MathML expression and provide functionality to read it.
  • If you are a visual user, then please verify that you are able to see the portions of the equation highlighted as you navigate the various parts of the equation, by using your primary input device like keybord, touchscreen etc.

The test fails if you don't read/hear the equation containing an equals sign and the presence of a fraction contained within.

020 MathML Inline Test

Inline Math Equation will appear between the following two lines.

Text before inline math. y y 1 = y 2 y 1 x 2 x 1 ( x x 1 ) Text after inline math.

Additional Notes for Test 020

If the test passes, please provide notes about your MathML reading experience, and how well you were able to navigate in MathML. For example, did you hear the prefix "MathML alttext” and you heard the expression "(MathML alttext): y minus y sub 1 equals StartFraction …" or was the math expression expressed via the readers own math rulesets such as "y minus y subscript 1 equals …" with no prefix.

This test is in the Mathematics book.

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