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[FUNDAMENTAL] MOA-NAV-010 Previous/Next Phrase

Tests whether previous/next phrase navigation is supported.

While Media Overlays (MO) are playing, use the next/previous phrase navigation control/command in the reading system with assistive technology to move through the next three paragraphs. The paragraph 1 below is one audio phrase. The sentence 1 in the next paragraph is also a single audio phrase. In sentence 2 each word is a separate audio phrase. Sentence 3 and paragraph 3 are also separate audio phrases.

This is paragraph 1.

This is sentence 1 within paragraph 2. This sentence 2 is divided into individual words. This is sentence number 3.

This is paragraph 3.

If previous/next phrase navigation plays media overlay at the level of sentences and words as described above, then the reading system supports media overlay playback at the granularity of audio phrases and this test passes.

This test is in the Media Overlays book.

See how well Reading Systems performed on this test.