Do not use this page for testing. The test is shown below only for reference; additionally, EPUB resources such as styling and images may be absent.

[FUNDAMENTAL] MOA-NAV-070 Text and media overlay synchronization

Tests whether media overlay is synchronized with text display.

While Media Overlays (MO) are playing, perform the following steps:

  1. Move to the next section titled "[FUNDAMENTAL] MOA-NAV-080 Set and navigate to bookmarks"
  2. Stop media overlay playback
  3. Check the highlighted text on the screen. If a Magnifier is being used for evaluation, check the text in the Magnifier focus. If a Screen Reader is being used for evaluation, listen to the screen reader voice to determine the highlighted text. On Reading Systems without screen, the in-built TTS can be used to read the text of the book.

If the media overlay playback matches the highlighted text, the test passes.

This test is in the Media Overlays book.

See how well Reading Systems performed on this test.