EPUBTest.org is home to both the BISG EPUB 3 Support Grid, a summary of e-book app, device, and reading system performance evaluations for features supported by the IDPF EPUB 3.0 e-book file format, and the EPUB Testsuite, a freely available collection of material created specifically for this purpose. These files were used to generate the results in the BISG EPUB 3 Support Grid.

What do you want to do?

If you want to validate an EPUB file, please visit epubcheck.

About the Testsuite

The Testsuite is a set of EPUB 3.0 files designed to enable anyone to systematically test an e-book reading system's support of various EPUB 3.0 features, plus its support for accessibility.

About the BISG EPUB 3 Support Grid

The EPUB 3 Support Grid was designed to be a handy reference to what enhancements and features of EPUB 3 render correctly on the most commonly used devices, apps, and reading systems.

Read more about the testsuite and the support grid.