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About the BISG EPUB 3 Support Grid

The EPUB 3 Support Grid is a resource for determining what features of EPUB 3.0 render correctly on the most commonly used devices, apps, and reading systems.

The Grid includes results of tests conducted by industry experts representing leading publishers, service providers, and technology vendors. The Book Industry Study Group's Content Structure Committee leads this work. Accessibility tests show how reading systems support key requirements for accessible reading.

Explore the links above to view all test results, or compare support of specific features. Tests used to evaluate reading systems are labeled either Required or Optional, based either on conformance rules in the EPUB 3 specification, or, in the case of Accessibility testing, on the fundamental importance of the test. Scores represent a percentage of passed tests divided by the total number of tests.

The EPUB 3 Support Grid provides the most reliable, comprehensive and up-to-date reporting of EPUB 3.0 support.

Looking to validate an EPUB file? Go to validator.idpf.org.

About the Test Suite

The Test Suite is a set of EPUB 3 files designed to enable anyone to test a reading system's support of various EPUB 3 features and its support for accessibility. It does not include a set of test files for each EPUB 3 specs feature but a rigorous performance evaluation of the most commonly used essential features. The current testing process involves manual evaluation and recording of results. See the Test Suite page for more details, and find instructions on how to test a reading system.

The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) designed the Test Suite now maintained through a partnership between the IDPF, DAISY Consortium and the Book Industry Study Group. These organizations ensure that the tracked functionalities are of importance to the general book industry.