Test books

Evaluations are completed with the same set of EPUB test books to ensure consistency. The test books are known to be accessible and free of errors. The different titles are described below, along with a link to download each.

Fundamental Accessibility Tests: Basic Functionality

These tests include starting the reading system and opening the titles, navigating the content, searching, and using bookmarks and notes.


Fundamental Accessibility Tests: Non-Visual Reading

These tests are for evaluating the reading experience with an assistive technology tool such as a screen reader or refreshable Braille display. Tests include continuous reading, pause and resume, reading order, alternative text, table and hyperlink navigation, copying text.


Fundamental Accessibility Tests: Visual Adjustments

These tests include changing the font and text size, colors, brightness, compatibility with magnification utilities and support for high contrast and SVG images.


Fundamental Accessibility Tests: Read Aloud

These tests include start, pause and resume Read Aloud, reading order, punctuation support and visual emphasis of the spoken text.


Advanced Accessibility Tests: Media Overlays

Accessibility tests for Media Overlays in a reflowable context


Advanced Accessibility Tests: Mathematics

Tests for accessibility strategies for MathML in EPUB


Advanced Accessibility Tests: Extended Descriptions

Tests for accessible extended descriptions of images in EPUBs