Thorium Reader 1.7

Results for Visual Adjustments: 87.5%

Test book used: Fundamental Accessibility Tests: Visual Adjustments, version 1.0.0


Visual adjustments: • The app provides for changing the text size, font, and colors. Larger fonts and a wider choice of color themes would be appreciated by some users. There are some notable and high-value features in terms of visual adjustments: • The display can be selected as paginated or scrolling, the margin can be justified or left-aligned, and the number of columns controlled. These provide control for the user that of often not available to the user. Furthermore, the spacing can be adjusted in flexible ways, with control over margin, word, letter and line spacing. This level of adjustment over visual presentation will be highly appreciated by some users. • Ideally Keyboard shortcuts for changing text size should be provided and discoverable. • There is no obvious way to increase the size of an image.

Results for Read Aloud: 100%

Test book used: Fundamental Accessibility Tests: Read Aloud, version 1.0.0


Read aloud in Thorium works well, with good control of reading position and different options for the visual display of the publication content. The text to speech voice switches automatically to the indicated language.