Single test results: Add a note (anno-210)

The following represents how well each Testing Environment (Reading System or Reading System + Assistive Technology combination) performed on a single test, anno-210, which appears in the Basic Functionality test book.

This test currently has a 38.46% pass rate.

Reading system testing results
Testing Environment Add a note ( anno-210) Notes
Azardi NVDA Windows PASS It can be done selecting text with mouse commands of NVDA. Ideally, this should be posible with keyboard in browse mode.
BoinIT Viewer [Korean] NVDA Chrome Windows PASS
BoinIT Viewer [Korean] Sens Reader Chrome Windows PASS
BoinIT Viewer [Korean] Chrome Windows PASS No note function
Books macOS PASS
Books Voiceover iOS FAIL The text cannot be selected with Voiceover. The popup menu containing the option to add notes cannot be activated when Voiceover is running.command
Bookshare Reader NVDA Chrome Windows FAIL No notes function available
Bookshare Reader NVDA Edge Windows FAIL There is no notes function at this time, but the reader may want to cut and paste and take notes in a separate document, such as in a word processer or text file.
Bookshelf Voiceover iOS PASS Supported only for books available in the VitalSource Bookshelf store. Select text and use the selection menu to add a note.
Bookshelf Voiceover Safari macOS FAIL Due to browser environment, unable to create highlights/notes.
Bookshelf JAWS 2020 Chrome Windows FAIL
Bookshelf NVDA Firefox 62+ Windows FAIL
Bookshelf JAWS 2020 Firefox 62+ Windows FAIL
Bookshelf TalkBack Android PASS Precise text selection is not possible. But on double tap and hold, using the context menu Notes can be added at desired location.
Bookshelf NVDA Windows FAIL Cannot select text with NVDA, cannot bring up the notes/highlight popup.
Bookshelf NVDA Chrome Windows FAIL I could not find a way to insert a note.
Bookworm NVDA Windows PASS Ctrl+M to add a note, it is called comment here
Clusive NVDA Windows FAIL I could not figure out how to create a note.
Colibrio Reader TalkBack Android FAIL From the Talkback actions menu notes can be added to the "active content" which is the text displayed on current page. It is not possible to select a part of the visible text for adding notes. p
Colibrio Reader NVDA Chrome Windows PASS In the highlight dialog, there is an edit button. Once activated, you can leave a comment. The comments are not visable when viewing the highlights, which is a recommendation for future development. I think the comments arelike notes, and am marking this as pass.
Digital Editions Voiceover iOS 12 FAIL Cannot add Notes with Voiceover
Digital Editions TalkBack Android 9 FAIL No Talkback support
Digital Editions JAWS 18 Windows FAIL The application mostly stops responding.
EBSCO Reader JAWS 2020 Chrome Windows PASS Notes could be added but highlighting is not supported.
EBSCO Reader Jaws Chrome Windows FAIL Feature not available as yet.
EasyReader Voiceover iOS PASS Select Book navigation, then Bookmarks, and edit the corresponding bookmark to add a note.
EasyReader Jaws Windows 11 FAIL Shift + B is not working even with Screen Reader pass through. Bookmark can be placed and context menu can be opened to add/edit Note.
EasyReader TalkBack Android PASS Add a Bookmark and then choose edit and then add text note.
EasyReader (German) TalkBack Android FAIL Cannot highlight text or add note.
EasyReader (German) Voiceover iOS FAIL I could not find a note feature.
Fulcrum Online NVDA Chrome Windows FAIL Text cannot be selected with NVDA to bring up the context menu that contains the annotation button.
Kindle TalkBack Android PASS Talkback provides mechanism to expand or contract selection of text. Desired text can be selected and Note can be added. However, this process is not very intuitive.
Kindle Voiceover iOS PASS Precise text selection with Voiceover is not supported. However, Notes can be added on the current screen by double tap and hold to bring up the annotation pop-up.
Kindle NVDA Windows FAIL Cannot highlight text with NVDA, cannot bring up the menu which contains Add Note and highlight options.
Kortext NVDA Chrome Windows FAIL Text cannot be highlighted with NVDA to bring up the Notes context menu.
Kurzweil 3000 macOS FAIL No bookmark or highlight feature is offered in this version.
Play Books Voiceover iOS PASS Precise text selection is not working with Voiceover. However, notes can be added after double tap and hold on any word.
Play Books TalkBack Android PASS On double tap and hold a menu pops up. With Talkback add note option can be activated. However, precise text selection is not supported with Talkback.
RedShelf Voiceover Safari macOS 10.14 FAIL Due to browser environment, unable to create a highlight/note.
RedShelf NVDA Chrome Windows FAIL Cannot bring up the popup after text selection to get the add Note button. Ctrl+Alt+H does not work.
RedShelf Jaws Chrome Windows FAIL Not able to bring up and use the popup for adding notes.
RedShelf Voiceover iOS PASS Precise selection and highlighting of text is possible with Voiceover. Use text selection from Voiceover rotor and select text by words/lines. Then double tap to bring up the pop-up from which text can be highlighted and notes can be added.
RedShelf TalkBack Android PASS Precise text selection is not working with Talkback. However, notes can be added by bringing up the Annotation pop-up with one finger double tap and hold.
Simply Reading TalkBack Android PASS
Texthelp ePub Reader Edge Windows FAIL No notes feature is provided.
Thorium Reader NVDA Windows NA
Thorium Reader Jaws Windows NA This feature has not been implemented.
Thorium Reader (German) Jaws Windows FAIL If this test refers to the control „my annotations“ which can be found in the navigation menu, it can not be activated. Jaws says „the control for the annotations is not available“.
Thorium Reader [Spanish] NVDA Windows FAIL Esta función no está disponible.
Vanilla Reader NVDA Chrome Windows FAIL Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I does not work. Alt + Shift + I opens "Feedback to Google". When this is closed, the Highlight popup does not show the text that was being read by Screen reader.
Voice Dream Reader Voiceover iOS PASS The dedicated text selection feature can be used with Voiceover to highlight text and place a note.
Voice Dream Reader (German) Voiceover iOS FAIL No note feature is provided.