Single test results: Review and navigate Notes (anno-310)

The following represents how well each Testing Environment (Reading System or Reading System + Assistive Technology combination) performed on a single test, anno-310, which appears in the Basic Functionality test book.

This test currently has a 47.06% pass rate.

Reading system testing results
Testing Environment Review and navigate Notes ( anno-310) Notes
Azardi NVDA Windows FAIL Though notes can be accessed, they are shown in a different document and, when pressing Enter on a note, the cursor isn't placed at the right position.
BoinIT Viewer [Korean] NVDA Chrome Windows PASS
BoinIT Viewer [Korean] Sens Reader Chrome Windows PASS
BoinIT Viewer [Korean] Chrome Windows PASS
Books macOS PASS
Books Voiceover iOS PASS If notes have been added, then they can be reviewed and navigated to using the Notes tab in the TOC view with Voiceover.
Bookshare Reader NVDA Chrome Windows FAIL
Bookshare Reader NVDA Edge Windows FAIL
Bookshelf Voiceover iOS PASS
Bookshelf Voiceover Safari macOS PASS Able to review and select already created highlights/notes.
Bookshelf JAWS 2020 Chrome Windows FAIL
Bookshelf NVDA Firefox 62+ Windows FAIL
Bookshelf JAWS 2020 Firefox 62+ Windows FAIL
Bookshelf TalkBack Android PASS The line having the note is placed at the top of screen and can be read with "explore by touch".
Bookshelf NVDA Windows FAIL NVDA does not read from correct location after selecting a note.
Bookshelf NVDA Chrome Windows PASS While I could not insert a note, if a note is there, you can get to that note. This is useful guidance to developers, because it is the insert a note that is the issue.
Bookworm NVDA Windows PASS Like the bookmark navigation, it is possible to locate notes and read them.
Clusive NVDA Windows FAIL I could not leave a note, so I could not navigate to it.
Colibrio Reader TalkBack Android PASS Annotations list can be opened from Talkback actions menu. On selecting an annotation from the list, The text having the annotation is displayed.
Colibrio Reader NVDA Chrome Windows PASS You must edit the highlight to see the comments.
Digital Editions Voiceover iOS 12 FAIL
Digital Editions TalkBack Android 9 FAIL No Talkback support
Digital Editions JAWS 18 Windows FAIL The application mostly stops responding.
EBSCO Reader JAWS 2020 Chrome Windows PASS The notes could be read and edited. The navigation to page containing the note is not entirely predictable.
EBSCO Reader Jaws Chrome Windows FAIL Feature not available as yet.
EasyReader Voiceover iOS PASS Navigate to the corresponding bookmark using Book navigation > Bookmarks.
EasyReader Jaws Windows 11 FAIL No separate list of Notes. In the bookmark list notes cannot be detected.
EasyReader TalkBack Android PASS Notes are shown in the Bookmark tab.
EasyReader (German) TalkBack Android FAIL
EasyReader (German) Voiceover iOS FAIL Because there is no note feature provided, I could not conduct this test.
Kindle TalkBack Android PASS On selecting to navigate to a Note, the target passage is found on the top of screen and hence Talkback reading can be started at desired location.
Kindle Voiceover iOS PASS On tapping a note in My Notebook, Voiceover starts reading the screen where the note was placed.
Kindle NVDA Windows FAIL On selecting an item from list of Notes, NVDA starts reading from top of screen which contains the highlighted text with note. NVDA focus does not move precisely to the text which contains the note. However, NVDA does indicate which text has highlight and comments.
Kortext NVDA Chrome Windows FAIL NVDA is not able to move to the location of insertion of note.
Kurzweil 3000 macOS FAIL No bookmark or highlight feature is offered in this version.
Play Books Voiceover iOS FAIL The notes list is accessible. After selecting a note in the list, its location in the text cannot be determined as all text is read similarly.
Play Books TalkBack Android FAIL It is not possible to determine the text on which note was added.
RedShelf Voiceover Safari macOS 10.14 PASS Able to review/select already created highlights/notes.
RedShelf NVDA Chrome Windows PASS A button is placed over the text with which a note was created. On selecting the note from list, NVDA focus does go to the correct location.
RedShelf Jaws Chrome Windows PASS When notes have been added, it appears as a button in the content. It can be navigated to using the screen reader form field navigation keystroke. Further, on selecting a note from the list, the screen reader focus does go to the correct location but tends to move away.
RedShelf Voiceover iOS PASS On choosing to navigate to a note, the desired text is placed at top of screen. Reading can be started from correct position by sliding one finger from top till the book content is read after navigation bar.
RedShelf TalkBack Android PASS The annotated text is placed at top of screen. Explore the screen from top using Talkback to start reading from desired location.
Simply Reading TalkBack Android PASS
Texthelp ePub Reader Edge Windows FAIL No notes feature is provided.
Thorium Reader NVDA Windows NA
Thorium Reader Jaws Windows NA This feature has not been implemented.
Thorium Reader (German) Jaws Windows FAIL There was no possibility found to add a note. Therefore a navigation to any notes can not be conducted.
Thorium Reader [Spanish] NVDA Windows FAIL Esta función no está disponible.
Vanilla Reader NVDA Chrome Windows FAIL Alt + H does open highlights list. When Enter key is pressed on a highlight in the list, Screen Reader focus does not go to anywhere near the passage having the highlight.
Voice Dream Reader Voiceover iOS PASS Can review the list of notes and navigate to the screen where it is placed.
Voice Dream Reader (German) Voiceover iOS FAIL No note feature is provided.